Impacted Canines

Cypress, TX

When most people think about impacted teeth, they tend to immediately think about the wisdom teeth. While these are the most common teeth to be faced with this issue, they are not the only ones. The second most likely teeth to become impacted are the canines. Unlike the wisdom teeth, canines serve a very important purpose, and cannot simply be extracted. At The Dentists at North Cypress, we can treat impacted canines, helping them to erupt properly and ensure proper functionality.

The Importance Of Your Canines

All of your teeth are important. Your canines, however, have some additional essential roles. These roles include:

• Guiding your jaws into proper alignment as you bite down. These teeth are the first to touch down, and function to guide your mouth into proper alignment as it closes.

• Keeping the rest of your teeth in proper alignment.

• Providing you with a gorgeous, confident smile. The maxillary canines are the last of the adult teeth, other than the wisdom teeth, are the last to erupt. They typically emerge around the age of 13 and help to complete your smile.

What Causes Canines To Become Impacted?

There is no one issue that can lead to impacted wisdom teeth. There are a few different causes. These include:

• Overcrowding in your mouth. This is an issue in which there is insufficient space in your mouth. Without enough space, the canines cannot erupt properly.

• Having extra teeth in your jaw. If you have extra teeth, they can get in the way of your canines, taking up the space needed for them.

• Growths in your gum tissue. This is an uncommon issue, but growths can interfere with proper eruption of the canines.

Diagnosing Impacted Canines

The AAPD recommends that children have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of 7. During this evaluation, the presence or likelihood of orthodontic issues can be determined. This includes determining if the canine teeth will become impacted. In order to perform the evaluation, X-rays are needed. X-rays can also be used to determine the presence of impacted canines in older patients who may not have undergone an orthodontic evaluation. These images can help us to detect what is causing the teeth to be impacted so that we can provide you with optimal treatment.

Treating Impacted Canines

Treating impacted canines can be done in a couple of different ways. In younger patients, exposing impacted canines can often be done without the need for surgery. A special brace may be used to help encourage the canines to erupt on their own. In some cases, tooth extractions may be required to create sufficient space.

The older you get, the less likely it becomes that your impacted canines will erupt on their own. For older patients, surgery is often required. This process involves creating a small incision in the gums. A small bracket is placed on the impacted teeth. A chain is used to connect the bracket with existing orthodontic work. The chain is tightened to help encourage the canine to erupt and move into its proper position.

Exposing impacted canines helps to complete your beautiful smile, as well as improving your oral health, the functions of your mouth, and your quality of life. Call The Dentists at North Cypress today at (281) 664-8100 for more information