Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Everybody loves to smile. However, smiling can be difficult and embarrassing if your teeth are stained, which can make it hard for you to interact with other people in social situations. Fortunately, it is possible to fix your problem by whitening your teeth, thus getting rid of the stains and restoring the natural appearance of your teeth. At The Dentists at North Cypress, we offer a wide range of teeth whitening solutions, which help to restore your smile.

What Does Teeth Whitening Involve?

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that aims to remove the stains on your teeth, thus restoring their bright natural color. These stains are found on the surface of the teeth, on a thin coating that forms and accumulates around the enamel. These stains can also find their way inside your teeth by penetrating the microscopic pores of the enamel.

What Caused Your Teeth Stains?

There are some reasons why your teeth can become discolored. The top ones include:

• Discoloration by the foods and drinks you consume—some foods and drinks contain staining agents, and when you consume them, these stains can attach themselves to the surface of your teeth, discoloring them. Some of the foods and drinks that can stain your teeth include coffee, wine, cola, and others. Smoking can also cause discoloration of your teeth. The more you indulge in these substances, the more likely your teeth are to be stained.

• Exposure to excessive fluoride and effects of medication—fluoride is a mineral that plays an important role in strengthening your teeth. However, overexposure to it—particularly at a young age—can lead to fluorosis, and one of its many symptoms is discolored teeth. Some medications, especially antibiotics, can cause discoloration of your teeth—when you are exposed to them at a young age—by interfering with the proper development of your enamel.

• Effects of Aging—over time, your teeth's enamel erodes, which causes your teeth to be more vulnerable to staining. The effects of staining foods and drinks, smoking, and medication also accumulates over time, causing more discoloration of your teeth.

Types Of Teeth Whitening Techniques

There are several teeth whitening techniques that can be used to fix the discoloration of your teeth. Some of the most common ones include:

• Bleaching is one of the most popular teeth whitening techniques. It involves the use of a bleaching agent, which breaks down both the surface and deep stains, thus restoring the natural color of your teeth.

• Laser whitening involves the use of laser light to activate and speed up the action of a whitening agent that is applied to the discolored teeth. The procedure also referred to as power whitening, is very effective due to the light activation technique.

• Opalescence whitening involves the use of opalescence gels, which contain either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide oxide as whitening agents. The technique can also be used in combination with light activation to increase the effectiveness.

• Home whitening kits include the use of various whitening agents - toothpaste, gels, whitening strips, whitening mouthwashes, and pre-made whitening trays. These kits can be used on their own for minor discoloration, or in combination with professional whitening (afterward) to maintain the natural color.

Do you have discolored teeth? Don't suffer in silence anymore. Thanks to teeth whitening, you can get rid of your stains and enjoy a bright, vibrant smile that will be the envy of everyone. Call us, The Dentists at North Cypress, at (281) 664-8100 to find out more information about teeth whitening procedures.