Sports Guards

If you or your child play a sport, particularly one that has a higher risk of injury, then you know the importance of wearing the right protective gear. With protective gear, you can stay safe while still participating in the sports you enjoy. Common protective gear includes shin pads and helmets. Another important piece of protection is a sports guard. At The Dentists at North Cypress, we can create a custom sports guard just for you to help provide you with optimal protection.

What Is A Sports Guard?

A sports guard, also sometimes called a mouth guard, is an oral device that is made to be worn while you are playing sports. It is a piece of protective gear, designed to keep your teeth, your intraoral tissues, and your jawbone safe from harm in the event of a collision, a fall, or another facial injury.

What Type Of Sports Guard Should I Get?

There are a few different types of sports guards that are available. These include:

• Stock. A stock, sports guard is the most affordable type and can be found at just about every sporting goods store. Even though it is affordable, however, these types of sports guards are pre-molded. Because your mouth is unique, a pre-molded sports guard may not fit properly. If your sports guard does not fit correctly, it can increase your risk for injury. It can also interfere with breathing, which can cause other issues while you play.

• Boil and bite. A boil and bite sports guard can also be found in most sporting goods stores. This type of sports guard is made with a material that softens when boiled. You then bite into it to create a semi-custom fit.

• Custom. We can provide a custom fit sports guard. Your sports guard is created from an impression of your mouth, which allows us to provide you with an optimal fit. We also use the highest quality materials. These features allow us to create sports guard that will provide you with the best possible protection.

What Are The Benefits Of A Sports Guard?

A properly fitted sports guard provides several significant benefits. These benefits include:

• Protecting your teeth from chips and cracks. Your teeth are also protected against issues such as displacement and avulsion.

• Protecting your intraoral tissues from lacerations. This also helps to protect your nerves, blood vessels, and salivary glands and ducts.

• Protecting your jaw from fractures and dislocation.

• Preventing concussions.

• Savings. By protecting your mouth from serious harm, your risk for serious dental issues decreases. This prevents the need for invasive and expensive dental treatments, like a full mouth reconstruction in the event of an accident or emergency.

Does A Sports Guard Require Special Care?

It is essential that you take care of your sports guard to ensure that it provides you with optimal protection. Rinse your sports guard before and after each use. You can also clean it occasionally with soap and water or brush it with a soft bristled toothbrush. When not in use, store your sports guard in a hard, well-ventilated, case and be sure to keep it out of reach of small children and pets. Do not store it in your car or leave it exposed to high heat or direct sunlight. These issues can cause the sports guard to warp, which then reduces its effectiveness. Inspect your sports guard periodically for damage. At the first signs, have it replaced right away.

With a custom sports guard, you can participate in the sports you enjoy while still protecting your teeth and your jawbone from serious injuries. Call The Dentists at North Cypress now at (281) 664-8100 to get your custom sports guard today.