Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Cameras

Exams are an integral part of helping you to maintain optimal oral health. Routine dental exams are important for detecting different oral health issues in their earliest stages, which then allows for immediate treatment to prevent more serious consequences. If you are experiencing symptoms of an oral health issue, an exam is necessary to diagnose the exact cause so that you can get the treatment you need. A major part of your oral exams is a visual inspection of your mouth. At The Dentists at North Cypress, we can take a much closer look at the structures in your mouth with an intraoral camera.

Intraoral Cameras

A Modern Way To Examine Your Mouth

You are probably familiar with the small handheld mirror typically used during dental exams. This mirror has enabled us to see some of the more difficult to view areas of your mouth. While this can be helpful, the mirror is still limited. Today, we can take a much better look at the harder to see structures inside of your mouth with an intraoral camera.

An intraoral camera is a type of digital camera that allows us to view the structures in your mouth on a monitor. It is a handheld wand, approximately the size of a large pen. It has a small optical camera on one end. On the other end, the camera is attached to a computer.

How An Intraoral Camera Works

During your exam, we place the optical camera inside your mouth and move it around to look at your teeth. Instead of leaning down over your face, we can see the structures of your mouth in real time on a computer monitor. We can also take still images with the camera. This allows us to more closely examine specific areas of your mouth while you stay more comfortable.

Getting A More In-Depth Look

When we take stills of your mouth, we are then able to use specialized software that enables us to zoom in on different areas of your mouth. The images can also be enhanced for greater clarity. These features help us to see the smallest details of your mouth, which might otherwise go unnoticed. This allows for greater accuracy in diagnosing different oral health issues and planning effective treatments.

Exams Are More Comfortable

Because we can take stills, we can examine the structures in your mouth without you having to hold your mouth open for extended periods. This can help you to feel more comfortable during your exams. This benefit is also helpful for those who experience anxiety or become nervous having someone close to their face. When you are more comfortable, your dental exams are a more positive experience.

Take A Look Inside Your Mouth

With traditional exams, you have no idea what is happening inside your mouth, nor can you see exactly what we see. Even if the issue is explained, you might not be able to picture it or understand the severity. The intraoral camera gives you the unique opportunity to see everything that we do. This can help you to understand better any issues found in your mouth as well as the importance for treatment.

With an intraoral camera, we can take a much more in-depth look at the visible structures in your mouth. We can detect the smallest details, which might otherwise go unnoticed so that we can provide you with the optimal care that you deserve. For more information, and to schedule your appointment, call The Dentists at North Cypress at (281) 664-8100 today.